The Opposite Of Prep

My attention, as I travel by fast boat from one Pacific Isle to another here, was drawn to this Spring’s sentencing of Young Lee, a man who has all of the outward appearance of a person who has adopted Prep, but with none of the attributes of a Prep.

Dressed in what is ostensibly prep attire, Mr Lee, like many people from the Coast and Remote Areas of the Far East Asian Civilizations, has taken an obvious liking to modes of Western Dress, and in particular Prep, or something approaching Prep, or Trad, sporting a bow tie …

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"The Wearing of Swords" or, "Why "Preppy Style" Has Become Nothing More than The Wearing of Swords".

Preppy Style is somewhat easy to define, but easy to recognize. True Prep on the other hand, is something very different - it is difficult to define, but to Those Who Are Prep, it is easy to recognize. It is not a fashion. And yet Preppy Style has become, I fear, nothing more than a form of jewelry or Signaling-Ornament in much of the world, much like the Wearing of Swords by Gentleman once was. This In the middle ages up until the dawn of the 18th Century, in much of Europe, gentlemen and others alike wore swords to protect themselves in any attempts to visit violence upon them by others. They did so in the Streets within the Town-Gates and

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What is a Prep?

As I have written before, here (A Few Words About Prep, by the Hobo Prep), here (Prep is Not a Fashion, It Is A Way of Life, by the Hobo Prep) and also here (General and Specific Misconceptions About Prep, by the Hobo Prep), the State of Prep is something much written about, and the Hordes of Internet Bloggers who now write about “Prep”, “Prep Style”, “Preppy Style”, and Other Such Related Topics, including “Ivy”, “Trad”, which are not the same as Prep, as you can read here elsewhere on my humble blog, are increasing each day in great number.

But I still see much Confusion about Prep,

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An Alternative for that Winter Coat

By the Hobo Prep


The Uniqlo Ultra-Light Down parka came to my attention recently during a visit to Uniqlo Ground Zero in Hon-shiu, Japan. As it happened, my winter topcoat was with a friend in Wuhan, in The Middle Part of the Great China, and winter appeared before I had the chance to return to retrieve it. I needed a coat. Braving the first month of winter proper

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Preps - And Their Sports.

Recently the authors of IS blog have been attempting to tell the Internet that Squash is the “Preppiest Sport”. For the benefit of the Internet and people searching for this topic on the Google, I take issue with this dimestore statement and set out my reasons as follows:

As for prep sports, there is No Greater Prep Event than either Track & Field or Rowing, as all schools of Like Kind Are Together, and T&F has much energy, as all are within a Stadium, row by row next to their Prep-Kin, and there is probably no greater sport than

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There’s no such thing as “the dignified hoodie.” Such a garment belongs only in three places: the beach, the boat, and the gym. If a man thinks otherwise, he’s been looking at far too many fashion pics, or he’s in thrall to Rap Culture. Even though I’ve bought a few Polo items over the years, I’ve always felt the ersatz “Her Britannic Majesty” tone of the company’s advertising pathetic for a kid from the Bronx. OTOH, Ralph’s upbringing just might explain how cotton jersey “goes with” herringbone tweed.

Religious commitment is far too private a matter for a fashion blog.

This is a comment by “Bebe”, a reader of the IS blog, which purports to be about something known as “Ivy Style”. As a Prep, I do not pretend to be knowledgeable about IS, because IS is something that is unknown to me, just like Prep, which defies definition, but is easy to recognize, as Some Wise People Say. But I cannot help but confess a certain thankfulness to Bebe for his post, which was in response to an article about how a hoodie is somehow part of something else known by the authors of that site as “Ivy Stye”. It defies belief that anyone would attempt to say that a hoodie is something “dignified”, or “Ivy Style”, but I will leave that judgement to you, the fine readers of this site, and others out there who are Ivy Style Proponents, or Experts In That Style, for I am not one of them. One cannot imagine how terry or sweat cloth can be associated with Ivy in any way, other than in the Bedroom, or the Sports Locker Room, because it is not something that fits within the Four Tenets of Prep (Or Its distant and somewhat Tenuous Derivation, Ivy), viz. Longevity, Quality, Utility and Durablity, it being only practical for the man who intends to sweat, and not for the Prep who intends to be a Prep and wear something in the street or in the office, or in the boardroom, or in the shop that sells clothing, or shoes, or other fine things. It does not, to my mind, fit within the definition of Prep at all.

The Hobo Prep

Always Homeward Bound

A Hobo Prep is a Practical Prep, and A Practical Prep is a Prep’s Prep - There is no use Talking About Money, for Wealth is Not Money, and Money is Not An Aim of the Prep - A Lifestyle Is, Friends, Values, Family, and Wealth of Different Kinds. Remember at all times the Four Tenets of Prep - Utility, Longevity, Quality and Durability,
The Hobo Prep 2010

fracegraser-deactivated20140125 asked:

I'm glad I found your blog! I'm from Australia and the 'prep' culture is almost unheard of here. I just enjoy the aesthetics of it rather than the families and the money behind it. So thanks for another perspective.

Thank you for your mail. Yes, it is not about Money and Family Names, but rather the Family Values and Practicalities of Being Part of a Community. Yes, there is Prep in Australia - in the grammar and prep schools and elsewhere - but it is not as well known. I have coined this term, and the Prep of Australia and the South Seas, [[MORE]]“South Sea Prep”, and “South Seas Prep”, and I have written about it and in fact am undertaking a Documentary Study of it. Tell me where you Hail From, which State in that Great Country, and I will also write about your particular locale, as I see it in my travels.

In some parts of Europe, the people there have another conception of Prep again, however I fear the Great English and other European peoples there — and even the recent immigrants to your country and to the US and Canada from these places, Which Have Been Impovershed and Ravaged By Wars in the last Century (XX), unlike your Great Nation — do not like this term “Prep”, as it reminds them of the fine people of the Country Across the Ocean Which Overshadowed Their Former Empire, and of the people of your country and others, with Prep Schools and All Great Traditions Of Prep, such as adventure, treating people with respect to Build A Nation, and not Treating People Differently, based on family name or rank within society, settling the country and making it good, and being practical, and because it also reminds them of the country whose Farmers Soundly Defeated Them in Battle, or the people of England otherwise have largely no general experience of it, unless they themselves went to a Prep School in that country for in that country the Society is More Divided and There is Great Emphasis Upon Status, unlike in your great country, where people are true to their Pioneering History, just like in the North East of America,

Remember I have a Twitter, and you may contact me there, or here in the comments below, or otherwise here, as you desire.

The Hobo Prep

As always, Homeward Bound.


General and Specific Misconceptions About Prep

There have been, I fear, some Unbecoming Displays Of Rage against my thoughts and writings about Prep, by persons who don’t seem to understand the point of my writings about this subject, or even the reason I am writing about a topic I otherwise would not.

Take a recent post by Claghorn of Styleforum, in my thread Preppy Style Has Been Taken Away From The Preps, which I will

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More About The Hobo Prep, Again.

I am the One Bag Hobo Prep. The Original. There are others imitating me - that much I know even though Most Who Live A Similar Lifestyle Do Not Feel The Need To Imitate. But I am the Original Hobo Prep.

I gave up my six figure salary on the East Coast, gave away all of my possessions, my apartment, my one true love, and now am homeless in London, where I

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